EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 11
The Slave Ship

Through Mu Namb’s freed friend Clarek the party learned off an Imperial Captain named Bialar Selis involved with the slaving operations. The slave ship scheduled to land within the hour stops at various “Pickup” stations (called Herding Stations – one of them is of course Kashyyk and so I Geonosis) and “Drop off” points (called Distribution Centers) on various planets.

Since she also confirmed that she had been betrayed by Bargos chances were that Bargos was dealing with Captain Selis. Hoping that this trail could lead to evidence of Bargos’ involvement with the Empire the party decided to seize the slave ship.

The plan was to disguise party members as stormtroopers to keep up the appearances that the operation on Geonosis was still running smoothly and lure the ship into a trap. Using the stormtroopers comlinks the doctor signaled the ship that everything was ready for the pickup although Clarek had to prevent him from adding that there were some hoooooot Twil’ek dancers among the slaves.

Meanwhile Royd and his loyal battle droids joined him at the top of the bluff to oversee the landing pod.

The deception seemed to work as the ship landed on schedule and three party members in disguise met the stormtroppers. The attack started from the bluff with the battle droids aiming at the stormtroopers from above. Meanwhile Gand created a ruckus inside the hangar to give the appearance of an attack. Believing that the hangar was being overrun by rebels the stormtroopers called for backup, drawing out all the armed forces from the ship. By the time the imperials realized that it was a trap it was too late. Backed by the freed slave the party unleased heavy firepower and decimated the enemy. Storming the ship they convinced the pilot to bring them to the command center on an orbital station near Coruscant.

The Ruse
Keeping up appearance the party passed themselves off as the slave ship’s crew and asked to meet Captain Selis to share important news. They reported how they had defeated and attack on the slave pickup station on Geonosis (although according to them the slaves had been killed during the firefight) and brought the Doctor in as one of the captured rebels. Selis ordered the rebel to be interrogated immediately. Although the Doctor had tried to prepare himself for the brutal interrogation with some booster blue he cracked within minutes and wasn’t able to keep up appearances that Bargos had in fact been behind the attack. Although the Captain would have loved to find an excuse to incriminate Bargos who he seemed to despise he couldn’t confront his superiors with such accusations unless he had more definite proof. The operation seemed a bust. But luckily the party had a backup plan: Using the battle droids for cover and one of Lazouras computer spikes they managed to slice into one of the terminals and retrieve evidence of communications between Captain Selis and Bargos that could easily be used against the Hutt.

Maybe there was a way to get this slimy foe (who only turned against them because they double crossed them but never mind that) off their backs after all….

Droid Revolution - Part 10
The After Party

The Duke’s party would have been a smashing success had it not been for a minor snag: Upon leaving the Duke’s palace the party was confronted by an angry Geonosian kid who informed them that his mother had been arrested by stormtroopers for posession of illegal substances, the very substances that Royd had asked her to provide for him. Sadly discretion is not Royd’s strongpoint.

Feeling guilty about leaving a potential orphan behind Royd convinced the rest of the party (except for the Wookie who had stayed behind to schmooze with the Duke) to free the herbal vendor kept prisoner in one of the hangars near the starport. Ace made it abundantly clear that he did not appreciate having to waste his time saving Royd’s “girlfriend”.

Meanwhile the Doctor who had been enjoying a little drug induced nap on the ship was glad to rejoin the party as the two droids kept nagging him to save the gladiator droids scheduled for the next arena fight (at least poor CY-Crusher).

And there was the fact that someone had placed a tracker on the Interceptor but the Doctor managed to remove it without breaking to signal and thus alerting the owner and even found a way to offset its emitting location by several degrees.

The party soon discovered that they weren’t the only ones trying to break into the compounds when they stumbled upon the young Sullistan, Mu Namb trying to find a way to deactivate the perimeter fence. At first startled by the other party guests he confided that he was trying to free his friend who had recently been captured.

According to Mu Namb’s research the Empire was picking up prisoners in an unmarked ship and (at least according to rumors) selling them off as slaves to the highest bidder. The ship was scheduled to arrive the next day so time was of the essence if they wanted to use the cover of night for their operation.

Royd decided to take up position on top of a cliff and survey the front of the compound while the rest of the party along with the Sullistan kid broke into the back.

Battle Highlights

  • Royd sniped the guards in the front.
  • Gand who was becoming an expert at tossing grenades managed to take out two of the four stormtroopers in one shot and forced the rest to retreat.
  • The Doctor chose a safer venue behind some crates and decided to confuse the droids with talks of a droid revolution. A tactic that did indeed cause the two battle droids to stop and discuss the matter which greatly infuriated the stormtroopers.
    Upond defeated the stromtroppers the Doctor did an admirable job in convincing the battle droids that Royd was their new leader and Royd sent them to the top of the cliff to fight for the droid revolution. Having two confused and heavily armed droids overlooking the city with vague instructions of killing anyone who would oppose the new droid revolution may not have been the smartest idea but at least it allowed the party to free the rest of the prisoners.

Although the Sullistan kid was eager to take on the Slave ship who was scheduled to land the same night, not the next day as they had originally expected there were many other factors for the party to consider like the two Hutts who were still after them.

Droid Revolution - Part 9
Duke Piddock's Party

Although the party had managed to temporarily stun Bandin Dobah’s men they were still “outgunned” as the Aqualish assistant was quick to point out: “We’re at a standstill right now”, he explained. “None of us is particularly devastated by Bondin’s death and we’re not eager to shed more blood. But know that if we unleash the other droids on you we can turn the tables. I also know that you are not working for Teemo and that he is actually looking for you. So let’s come to an agreement.”

The Aqualish proposed the following deal: He would arrange for the party to be admitted to Duke Piddock’s private party if they brought him with them to Geonosis. What his business was there or why he wouldn’t fly their ship he did not divulge. Duke Piddock was not only an aficionado of particularly brutal droid battles (he regularly hosted them) but also a weapons dealer looking for additional outlets. The party which would include a variety of potential clients would be a perfect opportunity for the party to gather useful information to deal with their multiple Hutt problems.

Arrival on Geonosis: During their shopping spree Royd will approached an elderly herbal vendor and ask her for some (highly illegal) narcotics. In exchange he promised her to get her into the party. The vendor replied that she would see what she could do.

The Host
Duke Piddock
A weapons dealer who is growing tired of the Empire’s increasing presence on Geonisis and secretly looking for new customers.

Bothan Informer
Wants to prevent the Black Sun Syndicate from striking a deal but doesn’t know who their agent is. He needs the party’s help to uncover him/her.
The party will indeed be able to expose Maru Jakkar and have her arrested by Duke Piddock’s men for plotting against all insectile races. Posing as the Blue Moon Syndicate the party will also strike an exclusive deal with Duke Piddock in exchange of the promise that they will keep the Empire at bay (a tall promise indeed).

Anatta, a Toydorian “Information Broker”
His “cover story”: Not interested i* n the weapons. His goal is to gather useful information (especially anything that could be useful to Jabba, his main “employer” and make a little profit by selling information to the highest bidder.
What the party learned from him:

  • Freebie: Teemo employs a Kubaz spy named Thweek. Kubaz are hated by the Geonosians.
  • The identity of the Black Sun agent.
  • Teemo is working for Jabba the Hutt but Jabba feels that he’s getting a little too aggressive in his growth. Any evidence that Teemo is secretly undermining Jabba would be valuable information.
  • Hint regarding the presence of a Bounty Hunter in the room. May be bad news for the party.
  • The Corellian siblings are fast and reliable smugglers.
    What he is interested in
  • Anything that may be important to Jabba.


  • Piddock wants to cut ties with the Empire.
  • My Nanb, the Sullustan, hates the Empire. Told him to be more careful. The empire may have sent spies to the party.
  • Maru Jakkar despises droids. You may be able to get the protocol droid’s help if you tell him that.

Protocol Droid: BG-222
Location: Bar unless called away to translate.
Maru Jakkar is interested in alien culture art, Wookie in particular.

Mu Nanb: Young Sullustan

  • Had a smuggler friend picked up by the storm troopers and suspect that Bargos turned him in.

Vrixx’tt: Gand
Unable to speak basic. Uses the protocol droid to speak to other guests.
Cover Story: Representative of an organization to promote the interests of insectile sentient species throughout the galaxy.
Reluctant to share any. Evasive in his dealings with Gand.

Maru Jakkar: Human woman
Cover Story: Interested in Geonosian art and history.
Will be exposed as a member of the Black Sun organization. Trying to negotiate a weapons deal with Duke Piddock.
Ace was able to steal her datapad after the Wookie distracted her with talks about wooookie artifacts.

Orpa and Wex Vio: Humans from Corelia
Cover story: Openly admit that they are just looking for more business.

  • Scheduled to pick up a shipment for Teemo.
  • Anatta works for Jabba and is trying to work his way up the ladder by gathering valuable information.
Droid Revolution - Part 8
The Gladiator Droids

With Royd out of commission and a potential resurgence of the droid revolution things weren’t looking too bright but thanks to Lazouras a counter program was developed to stop the spread of the virus within an infected droid.

With both Royd and R2-B7 “clean” it was back to action. The first question was why EV had selected this spot within an asteroid field? The answer came from R2-B7: One of the asteroids was harboring a gang who specialized in the upgrade of regular droids to be then sold as gladiators. The little droid begged the party to put a stop to this illegal and in his mind cruel practice of turning droids into monsters to be pitched against each other for the amusement of “organics”.

The party finally relented and agreed to check out the secret base.

The Encounter:
The exploration of the asteroid lead the party past a Mynock Cavern (which they immediately blasted to hell), a ship ruin (which encountered the same fate) to the Bandin Dobah’s secret holdout.
Mistaking the party for some of Teemo’s men (as he recognized the ship even though it had been renamed) Bandin proudly presented his monstruosities (gladiators droids made of various droid parts) in particular CY-Crusher, a mix of an antiquitated battle droid, a security droid and a forklifter. A slow but deadly combination sure to ‘crush" its competitors in the ring.
To no-one surprise Royd decided to challenge Crusher in the ring, much to the amusement of Bondin and his gang. The first round didn’t end up too well for Royd and it was only through the clever intervention of this friends that he survived the encounter.
- Ace managed to smuggle in a weapon in the astromech droid.
- The Wookie quickly intervened by tossing in two hapless droids into the ring and confusing Crusher.
- The Doctor managed to steal the remote controller to Crusher’s restraining bolt and reprogram it.

By unleashing Crusher’s firepower upon the stunned Bandin Dobah the party quickly took control of the situation.

Besides a severely battered droid things were looking pretty good.

Droid Revolution - Part 7
Into the mine.- errr asteroid field

With the revolutionaries still nearby it was time to finally confront them.

The party was surprised to find R2-B7 near their ship but when they tried to approach him he was shot by Zelkomm goons who then turned against the party.
After having taken care of the hitmen the party approached the heavily damaged droid. The Doctor translated his message: According to R2-B7 he had tried to warn the party as he did not agreed with EV’s objective to eliminate all humans. The little droid knew that not all humans mistreated droids and decided to leave EV-8D3 out of loyalty to his former master, Lazouras.
Lazouras revealed the full story: As a young apprentice Lazouras who was an orphan had been mistreated by his master who treated him more like a slave. His only companions were droids, in particular EV-8D3 and R2-B7 which he had built himself. When his master announced that he was going to sell the two droids as “gladiators” to a manager of a battle arena to punish his apprentice for a minor infraction Lazouras secretly upgraded his friends in the hope that they would survive the brutal battles together. R2-B7 would work as the brains and EV as the muscle. As he later discovered the upgrade worked but it also turned EV into a brutal killing machine. Over the years EV’s hatred for his evil human masters grew until he finally managed to escape with R2-B7’s help.
Lazouras pleaded with the party to spare the little droid who had returned to him. Although the party remained suspicious of Lazouras’ who had kept his connection to the droid revolutionaries secret all this time they agreed to take him and the astromech droid on board and let R2-B7 guide them to the secret spot EV-8D3 was heading to with the use of the secret star map. While studying the secret route depicted on the map the Doctor depicted an inconsistency. When the alarms suddenly went off and the ship was janked out of hyperspace Ace was able to barely avoid crashing into a nearby asteroid. Apparently the little droid had led them into an asteroid field but had it been a trap?
While assessing the damages to the ship the party got hailed by EV-8D3 whoi had been expecting the party. He offered to let them go in exchange for Lazouras. An offer which the party unanimously refused. While the Wookied the Doctor and Ace debated the best way to deal with the enemy Y-ship Gand and Royd went on the offensive and attacked.

Trying one more time to get Royd to join his cause EV finally told him that he would join them one way or another as he had already been infected and that the virus was now being activated. Deciding that EV’s warning was just a threat and nothing more Royd decided to ignore him and proceed with the attack.

They managed to disable the ship’s shield and asked EV to surrender. But EV only laughed. His last words were: I will live forever.

With EV destroyed it looked like the party finally had put the revolution to rest, or had they? Were the last words a warning? Could the order of battle droids at MerenData be part of the next (and potentially more deadly) wave? But there was also an immediate issue the party had to deal with: Royd. Apparently EV’s threats weren’t as empty as he wanted to believe. While Lazouras was still working on deactivating the virus within the astromech droid Royd started displaying symptoms himself. Instead of occuring the risk of the virus overtaking his circuits, potentially turning him against his friends, Royd made the heroic decision to grab R2-B7’s restraining bolt and applying it to himself, thus neutralizing the danger…. at least for now….

Droid Revolution - Part 6
Strike while the Iron is hot.

Having successfully retrieved Lazouras from the revolutionaries’ grip the party returned to the safety of the slicer’s shop only to find that their protocol droid’s memory had been wiped. Had the goons or the droid revolutionaries gotten access to him somehow?

Lazouras’ proposal: Strike while the iron is hot! The last thing the Zelkomm goons would expect is for the party to return to the tower the same night.

The (almost perfect) Plan:
The party would split into two. Half of them would return to Zelkomm’s HQ while the other half would defend the shop as the goons would most likely try to track them down. Meanwhile Lazouras would retreat to a secret “bunker” to supervise the operation and help hack into Zelkomm’s Mainframe.

Thanks to Lazouras’ directions Ace and the Doctor were able to find a way to the basement through a secret elevator. Meanwhile the goons showed up as expected at the shop and demanded the party give them Lazouras. When Royd, Gand and the Wookie refused they played their ace: Lazouras’ young assistant Alex who they were holding hostage. Apparently he had left the shop (why was unclear although he had spoken to Ace earlier). Thanks to Gand’s negotiation skills the party gained enough time to come up with plan B, although it turned out to be somewhat of a desperate plan: Disguise the droid as Lazouras and hope that in the darkness the Zelkomm goons would be dumb enough to fall for it.

Although Ace and the Doctor managed were successful in opening a backdoor into the mainframe for Lazouras they tripped an alarm which shut down the vault doors. With Lazouras busy working on retrieving the data uploaded by the droids before being tracked Ace and the Doctor were forced to find another way out through the vents.
Meanwhile the attempt to fool the Zarkomm goons failed when the hitmen realized that the figure being passed off as Lazouras was nothing but a droid in disguise and started shooting. But the party managed to take down their leader before they were able to execute Alex and rescue him.
The rest of the party returned in time to turn the tide and finish off the goons although Ace suffered a severe head injury while trying to jump off the speeder bike he had aimed at the enemies.

The daring heist paid off handsomely: While tracking the droid’s activities on the mainframe he discovered a transfer of 300K credits to an account at MerenData. It seemed that the money was linked to a large order of battle droids. Could the revolutionaries have placed this order to then infect the droids and create an army of their own? In the hopes to stall the plot Lazouras diverted the founds to new account which he gave the party access to. An amazing sum that could indeed solve a lot of their problems.

The fact that the vault doors had been controlled remotely by the droid indicated that their ship still had to be in orbit.

It was time to finally confront the revolutionaries.

Droid Revolution - Part 5
Meet Lazouras

After a few drinks at the cantina the party decided to pick up the poor Wookie waiting in the marsh. Good thing he didn’t hold any grudges (or wasn’t aware that they hadn’t really been delayed).

True, the party could just have used the newly gained information on Bargos to get out of their obligation with him but what would have been the fun in that. Instead they (read Royd) boldly stated that they would go after the droid revolutionary who must have stolen the money from the mines and return! And off they went to Elrooden, this time in search of a highly gifted slicer named Lazouras.

3D-4K had confided in his fellow droid that Lazouras was rumored to perform illegal droid upgrades, but when the party reached his workshop they found it empty with signs of a recent struggle. Actually it didn’t turn out to be completely empty. Muffled sounds led the party to a terrified assistant barricaded in the storage room. It took a lot of convincing but the party eventually managed to coax the kid out of his hiding place and reveal what had happened: A couple of Zelkomm guards had entered the workshop a couple of hours early and demanded that Lazouras follow them to their Headquarters. Lazouras had sent the assistant into the storage room, whispering to him to barricade himself and stay put no matter what. Although the kid couldn’t understand the conversation that ensued between his boss and the guards it was obvious they were arguing. The arguments were soon followed by sounds of a violent struggle, then silence. Mortally afraid the kid remained hidden until the party finally rescued him.

The obvious conclusion was that the guards had taken Lazouras by force but to what purpose? In order to solve this mystery party boldly decided to break into the Zelkomm building and attempt to rescue him.

Zelkomm’s HQ
Thanks to Ace’s stealth skills the party managed to bypass the security system and track down the prisoner.

So we meet again…
Well, well, well, apparently it wasn’t just Zelkomm who was interested in the slicer but also the droid revolutionaries who were torturing him. A brutal confrontation ensued during which the droids released poisonous gas to defeat their enemies. Royd and Gand luckily were immune to it. The wookie was able to hold his breath long enough to minimize the effect but Ace was the most affected by the gas which didn’t prevent him from fighting the enemy full force.
The wookie’s proton gun turned out to be extremely effective against the droids, disabling several of them in a single shot (although its overpowering effect may have been a lucky fluke that day).

Realizing they wouldn’t be able to take down the heavily barricaded leaders of the revolution Royd and the Wookie grabbed Lazouras and in an awkward one-two type of progression managed to drag him to safety.

Meanwhile Ace was taking more damage as he was being flanked by two heavily armed guards. Just as the one on his right aimed for a perfect headshot Gand reached for the guard’s mask and ripped it off. Instantly the choking guard lost his aim and missed Ace by the width of a hair.

Unable to break into the control room (at least without exposing themselves further) and having rescued Lazouras the party opted for a safe retreat.

Droid Revolution - Part 4
Return of the Gand - The NW Sector

Kaa’to had been defeated which was very well but he was also dead due to Royd’s quick temper which meant that he wouldn’t be able to reveal his hideout – which was not so good.

While mulling over the situation Royd noticed a black powder residue on Kaa’to’s clothes. He looked over to Kaa’to’ speederbike. Something was setting off his danger sensors but before he could warn the Wookie (not that he would have listened) Heimric got hit by the blast of the exploding vehicle. Although the blast hadn’t been enough to kill him (Wookies are tough) it left him too injured to continue. He urged the party to continue their search while he stayed behind in the marsh and watched the body.

Thanks to Ace’s tracking skill the party soon discovered an abandoned celerium processing plant, a perfect hideout for a smuggler and bounty hunter. But it turned out they were not alone. Once inside they were ambushed by some of the cantina’s thugs and…GAND. Had he betrayed them during their absence? As the thugs opened fire from the catwalks where they had strategically positioned themselves (the elevated position gave them an advantage) it certainly seemed so but at the last minute Gand pulled a grenade, threw it at the thugs and tried to roll to safety. Although severely injured by the blast he had proven his ongoing loyalty to the party (although he never explained how and why he ended up at the plant in company of the thugs) and together they managed to defeat the cantina’s thugs, even taking one of the aqualishes captive. Holding him over the superheated celerium tank was enough to get him talking: Although he didn’t know the exact location of Kaa’to’s spice stash he knew that the bounty-hunter was keeping the ship hidden inside the plant. A debate ensued about what to do with the prisoner who was begging for his life, a debate quickly ended by Ace who pulled out his gun and shot him. “He would have been nothing but troubled;” he declares while holstering his weapon. Well then…

A search of the factory did indeed reveal the starship and inside the remaining spice shipment. Although tempted to keep the shipment for themselves the party decided it might be more advantageous to return it to the Bothan and receive the information he had promised them along with their share of the spoils.

A nasty encounter with a group of Xuuva’s was averted by the Doctor who shoved off his knowledge in xenology by accurately imitating the cry of one of their rivals. Good thing he didn’t mistakenly imitate their mating cry instead or things may have ended very differently.

The information was a bargaining chip against Bargos: Apparently the Hutt’s influence had been declining over the past months and half of his forces had abandoned him in search of a more powerful crime lord. Should word get out that Bargos’ men were deserting him this would further diminish his power and influence. Useful information indeed when having to return to Bargos with bad news…

While the rest of the party enjoyed a few drinks, celebrating their success the wookie waited in the dangerous marsh, alone…and severely wounded….

Droid Revolution - Part 3
Hunting the Hunter

While the Doctor managed to roll to safety things didn’t go as well for Ace who had been hiding in the shadows nearby and suddenly felt the cool steel of a gun muzzle against his neck. He was surprised to discovered that the owner of the gun was the Bothan Informant the party had met at the black market. The Bothan admitted killing the Twi’lek but explained that he did so to protect the party as she was about to send them into a trap. He asked Ace to call the rest of the party so he could offer them a deal.

As the party listened to the Bothan’s proposal they realized that he had been able to dig out an alarming amount of information about them within just a few hours like the fact that their ship actually belonged to Teemo, that the party had a deal with Bargos which they hadn’t honored yet and that his henchmen were expecting to meet up with them again in less than 24 hours. Either the Bothan had access to an extremely large and powerful network or the party had been rather careless, neither of these options sounded good. As of now though it seemed that he wasn’t going to use this information against them but rather to entice them to help him with a problem.

The problem: A bounty hunter named Kaa’to double crossed an organization known as The Pyke by selling a large shipment of spice he was supposed to deliver to them to the owner of the cantina instead.

The deal: Find Kaa’to and bring him back dead or alive. Should the party succeed to do so each of them will receive a reward of 1000 credits and 25% of whatever remains of the stolen spice shipment should they manage to find it.

According to the Bothan the best place to start was the cantina’s office where the party may find records leading to Kaa’to. He left them with the warning: Do not underestimate the bounty hunter. He may be cocky but he is also devious and smart.

After scouting the building the party decided to break into the offices through the balcony. All except for the Wookie found climbing the smooth wall somewhat of a challenge. Sometimes living in tree tops has its advantages. But thanks to some improvised ropes the rest of the party was able to join him shortly afterwards. As usual Ace deftly dealt with the alarm and the party started searching the place. Upon finding the owner’s private stash of expensive liquor Royd decided to leave a message of his own by emptying all the bottles.

Hacking into the computer revealed that some transactions had indeed taken place between Kaa’to and the cantina. Although the details of the transactions were obviously coded the mention of the NW sector was a potential lead.

The second lead obtained from the Bothan was the fact that the cantina’s owner liked to play sabbac at a well-known gambling joint called The Spyder.

Welcome to the Spyder: In order to approach the cantina’s owner the Doctor joined his table and actually managed to win 50 credits with his first hand. But realizing that he wouldn’t be able to draw out any information from him in this public space the party turned to the bartender instead to set up a meeting with Kaa’to under the pretense of being interested in buying a large quantity of spice from him. Apparently Kaa’to swallowed the lure and agreed to meet two of the party members in one of the Spyder’s private rooms. But as soon as the bounty hunter realized that the party didn’t have the cash he ended the meeting and made it clear that he would only talk to them again once they had the funds.

The next move was to meet up with the Bothan near the cantina again in the hopes that The Pyke could front them to money to lure Kaa’to once again. Instead of agreeing with the plan the Bothan became extremely upset, berating the party for letting Kaa’to go and believing that he would be so easily duped. Turned out that his warnings about Kaa’to were right as the bounty hunter appeared on the roof of the cantina, thanking the party for having led them to the Bothan.

Droid Revolution - Part 2
Tracking down the Droids

Although the party failed to stop the droid leader identified as EV-8D3 and his henchman R2-B7 they were able to deduct that the escaping ship was heading towards Nal Hutta.

Their best bet to hunt down the insurgents was to start at the black market in Bilbousa.

Like any self-respecting adventurer they started by spending the 5K they had received as an advance from Bargos. Gand showed his prowess in wheeling and dealing with the merchants while the Wookie terrorized a seller of medical supplies and a doctor who agreed to “patch up the party” for a low price. The results were somewhat dubious and most likely left a few scars but the party members were ready to continue their hunt. The Doctor decided to self-medicate by buying a large supply of booster blue and popping the pills like candy.

Part of their strategy was to flash the black sun logo while marching through the market. The party’s cocky attitude drew the attention of a Bothan who promised to provide some information for a price. They agreed to meet 24 hours later for the exchange.

Other friendly or not so friendly encounters included:

  • A troop of Gamorrean thugs who spotted the party strolling through the market. This wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if they hadn’t been part of Bargos’ minions and became suspicious of the party’s presence on an entirely different planet than he had sent them. They threatened to report the encounter to their boss if the party didn’t meet with them within 24 hours to return to Bargos’ mansion.
  • A Twi’lek bartender who reluctantly agreed to reveal some information about the black sun after her shift. Sadly this encounter didn’t end well for the informant as she was shot in the alleyway while talking to the Doctor. The Doctor managed to roll to safely although not without spraining his ankle. But the consequent limp was worth it as he had learned from the Twi’lek before her death that the cantina’s owner was a member of the black sun organization and may potentially be involved in slave trafficking on top of drug dealing.
  • The guards stationed at the backdoor of the cantina: Royd managed to arrange a meeting with the cantina’s owner’s assistant but discovered much to his dismay upon his return that Gand who had stood guard nearby had vanished after cancelling the meeting. If his electrical circuits had been programmed to fume that’s what they would have done.

To be continued…


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