EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 10

The After Party

The Duke’s party would have been a smashing success had it not been for a minor snag: Upon leaving the Duke’s palace the party was confronted by an angry Geonosian kid who informed them that his mother had been arrested by stormtroopers for posession of illegal substances, the very substances that Royd had asked her to provide for him. Sadly discretion is not Royd’s strongpoint.

Feeling guilty about leaving a potential orphan behind Royd convinced the rest of the party (except for the Wookie who had stayed behind to schmooze with the Duke) to free the herbal vendor kept prisoner in one of the hangars near the starport. Ace made it abundantly clear that he did not appreciate having to waste his time saving Royd’s “girlfriend”.

Meanwhile the Doctor who had been enjoying a little drug induced nap on the ship was glad to rejoin the party as the two droids kept nagging him to save the gladiator droids scheduled for the next arena fight (at least poor CY-Crusher).

And there was the fact that someone had placed a tracker on the Interceptor but the Doctor managed to remove it without breaking to signal and thus alerting the owner and even found a way to offset its emitting location by several degrees.

The party soon discovered that they weren’t the only ones trying to break into the compounds when they stumbled upon the young Sullistan, Mu Namb trying to find a way to deactivate the perimeter fence. At first startled by the other party guests he confided that he was trying to free his friend who had recently been captured.

According to Mu Namb’s research the Empire was picking up prisoners in an unmarked ship and (at least according to rumors) selling them off as slaves to the highest bidder. The ship was scheduled to arrive the next day so time was of the essence if they wanted to use the cover of night for their operation.

Royd decided to take up position on top of a cliff and survey the front of the compound while the rest of the party along with the Sullistan kid broke into the back.

Battle Highlights

  • Royd sniped the guards in the front.
  • Gand who was becoming an expert at tossing grenades managed to take out two of the four stormtroopers in one shot and forced the rest to retreat.
  • The Doctor chose a safer venue behind some crates and decided to confuse the droids with talks of a droid revolution. A tactic that did indeed cause the two battle droids to stop and discuss the matter which greatly infuriated the stormtroopers.
    Upond defeated the stromtroppers the Doctor did an admirable job in convincing the battle droids that Royd was their new leader and Royd sent them to the top of the cliff to fight for the droid revolution. Having two confused and heavily armed droids overlooking the city with vague instructions of killing anyone who would oppose the new droid revolution may not have been the smartest idea but at least it allowed the party to free the rest of the prisoners.

Although the Sullistan kid was eager to take on the Slave ship who was scheduled to land the same night, not the next day as they had originally expected there were many other factors for the party to consider like the two Hutts who were still after them.


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