EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 11

The Slave Ship

Through Mu Namb’s freed friend Clarek the party learned off an Imperial Captain named Bialar Selis involved with the slaving operations. The slave ship scheduled to land within the hour stops at various “Pickup” stations (called Herding Stations – one of them is of course Kashyyk and so I Geonosis) and “Drop off” points (called Distribution Centers) on various planets.

Since she also confirmed that she had been betrayed by Bargos chances were that Bargos was dealing with Captain Selis. Hoping that this trail could lead to evidence of Bargos’ involvement with the Empire the party decided to seize the slave ship.

The plan was to disguise party members as stormtroopers to keep up the appearances that the operation on Geonosis was still running smoothly and lure the ship into a trap. Using the stormtroopers comlinks the doctor signaled the ship that everything was ready for the pickup although Clarek had to prevent him from adding that there were some hoooooot Twil’ek dancers among the slaves.

Meanwhile Royd and his loyal battle droids joined him at the top of the bluff to oversee the landing pod.

The deception seemed to work as the ship landed on schedule and three party members in disguise met the stormtroppers. The attack started from the bluff with the battle droids aiming at the stormtroopers from above. Meanwhile Gand created a ruckus inside the hangar to give the appearance of an attack. Believing that the hangar was being overrun by rebels the stormtroopers called for backup, drawing out all the armed forces from the ship. By the time the imperials realized that it was a trap it was too late. Backed by the freed slave the party unleased heavy firepower and decimated the enemy. Storming the ship they convinced the pilot to bring them to the command center on an orbital station near Coruscant.

The Ruse
Keeping up appearance the party passed themselves off as the slave ship’s crew and asked to meet Captain Selis to share important news. They reported how they had defeated and attack on the slave pickup station on Geonosis (although according to them the slaves had been killed during the firefight) and brought the Doctor in as one of the captured rebels. Selis ordered the rebel to be interrogated immediately. Although the Doctor had tried to prepare himself for the brutal interrogation with some booster blue he cracked within minutes and wasn’t able to keep up appearances that Bargos had in fact been behind the attack. Although the Captain would have loved to find an excuse to incriminate Bargos who he seemed to despise he couldn’t confront his superiors with such accusations unless he had more definite proof. The operation seemed a bust. But luckily the party had a backup plan: Using the battle droids for cover and one of Lazouras computer spikes they managed to slice into one of the terminals and retrieve evidence of communications between Captain Selis and Bargos that could easily be used against the Hutt.

Maybe there was a way to get this slimy foe (who only turned against them because they double crossed them but never mind that) off their backs after all….


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