EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 7

Into the mine.- errr asteroid field

With the revolutionaries still nearby it was time to finally confront them.

The party was surprised to find R2-B7 near their ship but when they tried to approach him he was shot by Zelkomm goons who then turned against the party.
After having taken care of the hitmen the party approached the heavily damaged droid. The Doctor translated his message: According to R2-B7 he had tried to warn the party as he did not agreed with EV’s objective to eliminate all humans. The little droid knew that not all humans mistreated droids and decided to leave EV-8D3 out of loyalty to his former master, Lazouras.
Lazouras revealed the full story: As a young apprentice Lazouras who was an orphan had been mistreated by his master who treated him more like a slave. His only companions were droids, in particular EV-8D3 and R2-B7 which he had built himself. When his master announced that he was going to sell the two droids as “gladiators” to a manager of a battle arena to punish his apprentice for a minor infraction Lazouras secretly upgraded his friends in the hope that they would survive the brutal battles together. R2-B7 would work as the brains and EV as the muscle. As he later discovered the upgrade worked but it also turned EV into a brutal killing machine. Over the years EV’s hatred for his evil human masters grew until he finally managed to escape with R2-B7’s help.
Lazouras pleaded with the party to spare the little droid who had returned to him. Although the party remained suspicious of Lazouras’ who had kept his connection to the droid revolutionaries secret all this time they agreed to take him and the astromech droid on board and let R2-B7 guide them to the secret spot EV-8D3 was heading to with the use of the secret star map. While studying the secret route depicted on the map the Doctor depicted an inconsistency. When the alarms suddenly went off and the ship was janked out of hyperspace Ace was able to barely avoid crashing into a nearby asteroid. Apparently the little droid had led them into an asteroid field but had it been a trap?
While assessing the damages to the ship the party got hailed by EV-8D3 whoi had been expecting the party. He offered to let them go in exchange for Lazouras. An offer which the party unanimously refused. While the Wookied the Doctor and Ace debated the best way to deal with the enemy Y-ship Gand and Royd went on the offensive and attacked.

Trying one more time to get Royd to join his cause EV finally told him that he would join them one way or another as he had already been infected and that the virus was now being activated. Deciding that EV’s warning was just a threat and nothing more Royd decided to ignore him and proceed with the attack.

They managed to disable the ship’s shield and asked EV to surrender. But EV only laughed. His last words were: I will live forever.

With EV destroyed it looked like the party finally had put the revolution to rest, or had they? Were the last words a warning? Could the order of battle droids at MerenData be part of the next (and potentially more deadly) wave? But there was also an immediate issue the party had to deal with: Royd. Apparently EV’s threats weren’t as empty as he wanted to believe. While Lazouras was still working on deactivating the virus within the astromech droid Royd started displaying symptoms himself. Instead of occuring the risk of the virus overtaking his circuits, potentially turning him against his friends, Royd made the heroic decision to grab R2-B7’s restraining bolt and applying it to himself, thus neutralizing the danger…. at least for now….


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