EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 8

The Gladiator Droids

With Royd out of commission and a potential resurgence of the droid revolution things weren’t looking too bright but thanks to Lazouras a counter program was developed to stop the spread of the virus within an infected droid.

With both Royd and R2-B7 “clean” it was back to action. The first question was why EV had selected this spot within an asteroid field? The answer came from R2-B7: One of the asteroids was harboring a gang who specialized in the upgrade of regular droids to be then sold as gladiators. The little droid begged the party to put a stop to this illegal and in his mind cruel practice of turning droids into monsters to be pitched against each other for the amusement of “organics”.

The party finally relented and agreed to check out the secret base.

The Encounter:
The exploration of the asteroid lead the party past a Mynock Cavern (which they immediately blasted to hell), a ship ruin (which encountered the same fate) to the Bandin Dobah’s secret holdout.
Mistaking the party for some of Teemo’s men (as he recognized the ship even though it had been renamed) Bandin proudly presented his monstruosities (gladiators droids made of various droid parts) in particular CY-Crusher, a mix of an antiquitated battle droid, a security droid and a forklifter. A slow but deadly combination sure to ‘crush" its competitors in the ring.
To no-one surprise Royd decided to challenge Crusher in the ring, much to the amusement of Bondin and his gang. The first round didn’t end up too well for Royd and it was only through the clever intervention of this friends that he survived the encounter.
- Ace managed to smuggle in a weapon in the astromech droid.
- The Wookie quickly intervened by tossing in two hapless droids into the ring and confusing Crusher.
- The Doctor managed to steal the remote controller to Crusher’s restraining bolt and reprogram it.

By unleashing Crusher’s firepower upon the stunned Bandin Dobah the party quickly took control of the situation.

Besides a severely battered droid things were looking pretty good.


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