EoE Droid Revolution

Droid Revolution - Part 9

Duke Piddock's Party

Although the party had managed to temporarily stun Bandin Dobah’s men they were still “outgunned” as the Aqualish assistant was quick to point out: “We’re at a standstill right now”, he explained. “None of us is particularly devastated by Bondin’s death and we’re not eager to shed more blood. But know that if we unleash the other droids on you we can turn the tables. I also know that you are not working for Teemo and that he is actually looking for you. So let’s come to an agreement.”

The Aqualish proposed the following deal: He would arrange for the party to be admitted to Duke Piddock’s private party if they brought him with them to Geonosis. What his business was there or why he wouldn’t fly their ship he did not divulge. Duke Piddock was not only an aficionado of particularly brutal droid battles (he regularly hosted them) but also a weapons dealer looking for additional outlets. The party which would include a variety of potential clients would be a perfect opportunity for the party to gather useful information to deal with their multiple Hutt problems.

Arrival on Geonosis: During their shopping spree Royd will approached an elderly herbal vendor and ask her for some (highly illegal) narcotics. In exchange he promised her to get her into the party. The vendor replied that she would see what she could do.

The Host
Duke Piddock
A weapons dealer who is growing tired of the Empire’s increasing presence on Geonisis and secretly looking for new customers.

Bothan Informer
Wants to prevent the Black Sun Syndicate from striking a deal but doesn’t know who their agent is. He needs the party’s help to uncover him/her.
The party will indeed be able to expose Maru Jakkar and have her arrested by Duke Piddock’s men for plotting against all insectile races. Posing as the Blue Moon Syndicate the party will also strike an exclusive deal with Duke Piddock in exchange of the promise that they will keep the Empire at bay (a tall promise indeed).

Anatta, a Toydorian “Information Broker”
His “cover story”: Not interested i* n the weapons. His goal is to gather useful information (especially anything that could be useful to Jabba, his main “employer” and make a little profit by selling information to the highest bidder.
What the party learned from him:

  • Freebie: Teemo employs a Kubaz spy named Thweek. Kubaz are hated by the Geonosians.
  • The identity of the Black Sun agent.
  • Teemo is working for Jabba the Hutt but Jabba feels that he’s getting a little too aggressive in his growth. Any evidence that Teemo is secretly undermining Jabba would be valuable information.
  • Hint regarding the presence of a Bounty Hunter in the room. May be bad news for the party.
  • The Corellian siblings are fast and reliable smugglers.
    What he is interested in
  • Anything that may be important to Jabba.


  • Piddock wants to cut ties with the Empire.
  • My Nanb, the Sullustan, hates the Empire. Told him to be more careful. The empire may have sent spies to the party.
  • Maru Jakkar despises droids. You may be able to get the protocol droid’s help if you tell him that.

Protocol Droid: BG-222
Location: Bar unless called away to translate.
Maru Jakkar is interested in alien culture art, Wookie in particular.

Mu Nanb: Young Sullustan

  • Had a smuggler friend picked up by the storm troopers and suspect that Bargos turned him in.

Vrixx’tt: Gand
Unable to speak basic. Uses the protocol droid to speak to other guests.
Cover Story: Representative of an organization to promote the interests of insectile sentient species throughout the galaxy.
Reluctant to share any. Evasive in his dealings with Gand.

Maru Jakkar: Human woman
Cover Story: Interested in Geonosian art and history.
Will be exposed as a member of the Black Sun organization. Trying to negotiate a weapons deal with Duke Piddock.
Ace was able to steal her datapad after the Wookie distracted her with talks about wooookie artifacts.

Orpa and Wex Vio: Humans from Corelia
Cover story: Openly admit that they are just looking for more business.

  • Scheduled to pick up a shipment for Teemo.
  • Anatta works for Jabba and is trying to work his way up the ladder by gathering valuable information.


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