Mu Nanb

A young, sulky and somewhat impesteous sullustan


Met ad Duke Piddock’s party on Geonosis. The wookie approached the young Sullustan who was sulking in a corner near the stage and managed to strike up a conversation with him. The bartender had already warned “the kid” that he should keep his feelings about the Empire to himself, especially on a planet still very much frequented by the Imperials. The Wookie learned that one of Mu Namb’s smuggling friends had been captured by the imperials and that “the kid” suspected that Bargos had turned him in.

The party later encountered him by the hangars near the space port trying to free his friend and the other slaves scheduled to be picked up all by himself.

Although Mu Namb seems to be a little too quick to act he showed determination and courage.

Besides rumors that Mu Namb may also be a smuggler not much is known about his background yet.

Mu Nanb

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